No. Of Participants : 02 Video Photographer and Reporter.

Australia also rich country for the culture and heritage situated in the southern world of he Globe and sub-Australian continent, between the pacific ocean. We had expected culture group fro Australia in this time. Although we would heartily welcome to Video Photographer and Reporter Mr. Patrick Ryan and Geraldine Ryan to participate here in our 1st International Folk Festival 20012 here in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Pokhara of Nepal.

Name of Group / Org. : Verening Terschellinger
Volksdansen. The V.T V. is a folks dancers group on a little Island (Terschelling) in the north of the Netherlands. It was existed for approximately 50 years now. After WW II some people feared that the dances might get lost and they decided not to let that their main goal is the preservation of the dances and the costumes in in their original form. Most Seamen saw those dances and then tried to dance them back home. Both the dance figures and the melodies are often short, repeated fragments. Of old the instruments accompanying the dances are the violin and the accordion. One of the musicians directs the dance -group. The costumes reflect the poor times we had on the island. The women wear simple, practical customs. Skirts and caps are black, the pleated bonnets are made of white lace. The only ornament is a red coral chain. There was not a typical men's costume . For Uniformity's sake the V.T.V chose a captain's costume from around 1860 as the men's costume.

Name of Group / Org. : Aparajiata
Aparajiata ( International Society for women's development & Child Care) is a non profitable NGO established under the Govt. of India's Society Reg. Act 211, 1860. It has been established in January 2000 by the social thinkers of India, Bangladesh & Nepal in a seminar organized on the subject " The Contribution of Social Thinkers in Women development & Child Care" in New Delhi. To work on International level for the all round development of women & child, to boycott the constructive tradition which are obstacles in the development of women & to take up the path of continuous development of social education, cultural & applied knowledge is the objective of the organization & other differences among the human in any castism, religions & other differences among the human world, here children are our future, women are their creator. Aparajiata is spread over 150 cities in India as well as other countries. Since it is a voluntary organization and it doesn't generate funds on its own, the funding is done through donations, sponsorships, membership & with the help of its patrons.

Name of Group/ Org: Hue-Lain Dancing Club.

Since establishing, we urge us on advancing folk dancing art about creation and rearrangements. Renew and let others aboriginal people who care about our club and their heritage can devote their wisdom and skills to the club. In other hand we can educate more gifted persons and let the heritage last forever. In Taiwan the tradition and culture are the spirits that represent us, must be added glory to our livers. Descriptions above are our main purposes.

Our club members consists of many tribes like A-Mei, Bu-Non, Cho, Pai-Wan, Bei-Nan and careers like teachers, housewives, soldiers, bosses etc. They all spend their leisure time in practicing an rehearsals. They also make their efforts to make culture infusion and let tribes respect each other. So, we established in November in 88th Year of R.O.C June at Music Hall of Cultural

Departments, Taiwan Shian ? Tain Country??30th of June Southern District Activity Center, Preface The members of Hue-Lian Dancing Cule are urban young aboriginal people who love their traditional folk dancing art and culture. WE are devoted to maintaining, reserving and developing our heritage. We are looking forward to letting mankind knows other deeper, appreciates and respects the culture characteristics of different People.


Name of Group/ Org: : Music Group, France.
France is a country rich in culture and heritages, situated in the western continent. Mr. Ronal Barrientos and Mr. Veronika Medozafresch were participants from the France affiliated with Group from Peru in our 1st International Folk Festival 2002 here in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and Pokhara of Nepal.



1997 CROATIA Zagabria Folklore Meeting
1998 ROMANIA Jasi Folklore Meeting
1999 SPAIN Barcellona Folklore Meeting
2000 TURKEY Istanbul Folklore Meeting
2001 POLAND Zywiec 1 Prize out of 50

national and international groups. Festivals CIOFF.

The folk group Ortachis of Bolotana was born 30 years ago and is composed by 30 members (men/women). In 1997 it became an Association thanks to the work of its members. The aim of the Association is to make known tradition and customs of its village, Bolotana. It has taken part in much national and international folklore festival: 1996 - ENGLAND Llanglollen 3 Prizes out of 20 groups. it was the only Italian Group.

The Association of Ortachis performs a strict traditional repertoire. The dance is simple and significant it re-purposes a a traditional way of Bolotana and Sardinia. A predominant figure is a circle (Su ballu tundu ) it represents not only the desire to stay together but also the end of a good harvest or a traditional propitiatory rite. The dances are different it depends on the music usually plays with a mouth organ. In 1993 the Association begins to organize Sardinian Festival inviting different groups from the Island but till 1997 the Festival became international showing foreign groups:
The Association works with other Sardinian Folklore associations to carry out important Festivals.

Everest Nepal Cultural Group is an organization established in 1998 with the objective of conserving Nepalese cultural heritage and its overall development, registered under the Act of HMG of Nepal. EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP has been running its varieties of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchanges with various international communities. It therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the national and international cultural exchange program for the benefit of the country and the people.
It is our entire to keep that good friendship and as we have cordial relationship with many cultural group all over the world. Because culture could give us entire satisfaction, peace, cool and the concept of cooperation each other for the human society. We feel that EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP [ENCG] is always capable to participate for conduct any such folk festival program and as it has abundant of experiences observing and participating in various international folk festivals all over the world already.