6th International Folk Festival 2012 concluded successfully.

Country: Bangladesh
Folklore Group: Nitto Rong and Cambrian Collage

Nitto Rong and Cambrian Collage One of the Best Fine Art School in Bangladesh. They Win Many Prizes National & International; Especially They Win Champion Gold Trophy In 12th All India & International Folk Dance Festival 2007.

Country: Estonia
Folklore group: "Kandali "& "Kuljus" &" Karutajad"

Estonia one of the European country, whose half of Estonian Estonian territory is bared with forests. Estonia is famous by its song and dance festivals. There are 16000 active dancers and almost 40000 choir singers in Estonia. Joint folkdance group "Kandali "& "Kuljus" &" Karutajad" . At the moment Kuljus is the biggest folk dance collective in Estonia established in 1949. Kuljus seeks the mastery of Estonian dances` naturalness and pureness, also the stylish presentation of other nation`s creations. Kandali was founded in Tallinn, 1978 and about 900 juveniles have danced there since then. Kandali's repertoire consists of old Estonian folk dances, party games and stylized dances, most of them are vivid, joyful and sizzle.

Country: Finland
Folklore group: Sampaa Folklore & Sydwest

In the study of Finnish folklore three distinctly different regions appear: the Swedish-speaking coast, the Orthodox areas of Karelia and the remaining greater part of Finland. The first two have preserved many older dance forms thanks to their peripheral situation. Sampaa Folklore & Sydwest two joint folklore group has their own importance . The Samppa Folklore was officially registered in 1975. The group has about 45 dancers and 10 musicians. Samppa Folklore is a member of the Finnish Folklore Association. The musicians of the SydWest -ensemble have various backgrounds, all from pure amateur to former professional musician. In addition to accompanying the dancers, SydWest performs traditional folk music and light music, and can also provide some old time dance music. Finnish dance tradition has been influenced by both Sweden and Russia.

Country: Ghana
Folklore group: African Acrobatics Group

Ghana being a part of Africa is very rich in folk activities. African Acrobatics Group established in 1999 specialization in African Acrobatics, Limbo Show, Rolling dish pan, Juggling Hat, Fire Eating, Yoga Acrobatics, Africa Dance/drumming. The group has been awarded by Gold Lion Award winners China 2004 and Presidential Award Honors, Ghana 2005

Country: Greece
Folklore group: Research Academy in Traditional Dances

“Research Academy in Traditional Dances” is an association that has been established and has its base in the city of Elassona, with the aim of preserving and spreading of our cultural heritage. The direct aim of the Academy is the complete registration of local cultural expressions (dances – songs – customs – idioms) of the province of Elassona and of the greater area of Olympus, and with the help of opticoacoustic means, to contribute to their preservation. The Academy consists of 450 dancers – researchers – people who have related with the Greek Culture.

Country: India (Assam)
Folklore Group: Mrs. Dolly Das and Group

Country: Italy

ACCADEMIA TRADIZIONI POPOLARI “CITTA’ DI TEMPIO”. The Academy of Popular Tradition “Citta di Tempio” was settled in Tempio Pausania (Sardinid-Italy) in 1966. Since then the group starter a scrupolous work of research, discovering songs, dances, costumes music and all moments of country life. The group performs typical dances of Gallura, such as the archaic baddu cantata and baddu a passu that are dancing with rhythmical step. The happy and jumping badditu and la danza, full of choreographic interlacings of arms and bodies, lu dui in tre and lu tre in cincu are a continuos interlacing of lags and feet.

India (Gujarat)
Sarsawati Sanskrutik Trust, Dahod

“Sarsawati Sanskrutik Trust, Dahod” is is doing the theatre activities for 16 years. In the last 5 years we have been presented 17 national awards and are being invited by foreign countries for performing these dances as well. We are thankful to the Government of Gujarat for granting us support and cooperation towards achieving our objectives.

“Vanrani” (forest dwellers) is the world’s and Asia’s only Bhil Tribal Society with very ancient cultural and traditional arts. These people with ancient traditions and culture are only found in the Dahod district of Gujarat State of India. The golden history of these people with ancient culture and tradition is very noteworthy. There is a different identity of the ancient culture and tradition especially the dance and music which is a gift of the beautiful nature around. Chala Dance of Bhil Tribals is a very ancient folk dance style of the Bhils. This dance is based on different steps taken with reference to music. This cultural primitive folk dance is performed at marriages, bhil festivals, welcome, special occasions, fairs, chula fair, welcome dance on the stage, competitions. Bhil Valor Dance, after becoming victorious, the bhil tribesmen exhibit their mastery at the weapons forth all the people gathered. This exhibition is in the form of a dance in which the movement of the body and the weapons is in accordance with the music. Nowadays this dance is performed for festivals, and welcoming of chief guests. The different styles of Bhil tribal folk dances include the marriages dance, fair dance, Holi dance, Dipawali dance, Chal dance, welcome dance and such other styles of dances. Some of the historic gallant icons from the Bhil society that are exhibited in this style of dance include the apeman, Valiya Dacoit, Valmiki Rishi, Shabri, Kevar, Parghi, Punja Bhil, Kaliya Bhil, security personnel of the English and social workers. The history and historic icons have been the basis of the Bhil Tribal History Dance presented by us.

Country: Lithuania
Folklore Group: SELMIAI

The name of dance group is symbolic. “Selmiai” means tearing man, who’s swing of the life. The people are very different, but they are united by their enthusiasm and love to folk songs, dance and music style. The folk music group exists from 1961.It has also been to Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Thailand and other countries. This group is popular between local people. Folk songs, dance and music style give much pleasure not just for ourselves but for others too.

Country: Mexico
Folklore group: The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music

The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music is dedicated in providing high quality instruction in all facets of Mexican folk dance and music. Instructors assess student’s strengths and areas for growth and apply teaching skills in such a way to maximize student’s enjoyment and help them reach their ultimate potential. We are here to motivate and develop young minds into the art of Mexican Folklore Dance and Music.

Country: Nepal
Folklore Group: Everest Nepal Cultural Group

EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchanges with various international communities. It therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the national and international cultural exchange program for the benefit of the people of Nepal and the world.

Country: Poland
Folklore group: Czeremszyna

Czeremszyna one of the most interesting bands inspirited by Slavic folklore, mainly Podlaskie folklore. The band came into existence in November 1993, on Barbara”s Samosiuk initiative, in Czeremcha a quiet small place on Podlasie region. Presently Czeremszyna consist of 9 members and the band plays are: the accordion, the guitar, the mandolin, the violin, the bass balalaika, the flutes(sopilki), the Slovak pipe, the drums and the percussion instruments.

Country: Sri Lanka
Folklore Group: Hillwood Dance Troupe

As a result Hillwood Dance Troupe has been able to perform in many international events proudly representing Sri Lanka since 1992 "Kandyan Dance Troupe” is the traditional dance form of the central part of Sri Lanka and was originally performed by a separate caste aligned to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, and had a significant role to play in the Dalada Perahera (procession) held each year by the temple. Culture and Heritage play an important role in our school and the girls are encouraged to appreciate parts of their culture and hence many young girls today excel in the traditional Kandyan Dance.

Country: Togo
Folklore group: T.A.C.I.T

T.A.C.I.T was created in November 1994 in Lome, Togo. The group got its name after famous griot "Troupe Artistique Culturelle Internationale TCHE- TCHOULA" T.A.C.I.T. The group is composed of 22 dynamic actors: Dancers, Drummers and Singers. The group has very diverse program, representing Togo and Africa. T.A.C.I.T presents two forms of performance:
· Traditional folk dances
· Stylized folk dances