7th International Folk Festival, 2014.


Sri Lankan Folk songs, music and dances Sri Lankan folk songs – dances and music belong over thousands years of history. They were popular among old rulers as well as common people. Folk songs, dance and music were too attached to the people’s life style and their culture. Mothers used folk songs to get sleep their infants.(Nela vili Gee) Farmers in the paddy fields sang folk songs .(Goyam Kavi) When people working in plumbago mines sang folk songs. ( Pathal Kavi) When people rowing boats they sang folk songs.(Paru Kavi) When they were carrying goods through bullock carts they sang songs (Karaththa Kavi) All these songs were called as Jana Gee (Folk songs) These songs were born in the heart of people. They were very sensitive and they had the ability of expression emotional feelings which could not say in words. Thovil or Yaga gee: When people were get ill in the past some one believed it is an act of devil. Then some people believed they should respect or request the devil to get cure the patient. Then they will arrange special stage and decoration for the devil. During the whole night they make devil dance and songs to get cure the patient. Very often after the full night devil’s blessings patient gets well. This is a one kind of folk musical and dancing show to the villagers. During this night, house holder treats with coffee and local sweets to the viewers/participants. Even today some villagers in remote areas arrange Thovil for their patients.


FAB Bangladesh Cultural Delegation FAB Communication" is the oldest, experienced trustworthy and the most dependable international event management company & cultural organizer in Bangladesh. We will depict our patriotic & traditional Bangladeshi colorful folk dance of different parts of Bangladesh and all these dances are rich in cultural heritage of more than 1000(thousand) years old. FAB Communication is always helps & works to develop the Bangladeshi culture & tourism sectors.We have own experienced & so talented dance & all kinds of song artist, fashion & glamorous models. We have own sound and lighting system, editing house, musicians, cameramen with skilled technicians. A total worldwide event management & cultural organizer. FAB performed in a different type of program & festival in Bangladesh and other part of the world from last 20 years, like USA. India , Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , India , China , Korea , Japan , Thailand , UAE , Nepal , Maldives , Italy etc. FAB Communication is committed to enable the students to discover their inherent potential and to provide support for it to flourish. FAB Communication is committed to equipping students with the necessary mix of knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to excel in the global arena. Our culture is highlighted with proper value and importance all the year round .Moreover; it is a secular academy with respect to all religions and beliefs. FAB Communication carries out different cultural activities and organizes various programs nationally and internationally throughout the year. FAB Communication promote & exchange Bangladeshi traditional & folk culture all over the world.


SANGGAR KESENIAN ACEH UGM Acehnese Cultural Community University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) or Sanggar Kesenian Aceh UGM (SAKA) is a community for UGM student to learn Acehnese art and culture. The member consists of many students from different faculties in UGM. The community was founded by Cindy Fadilla (President). The community aims to facilitate student’s interest in performing arts, especially Acehnese art, and also to develop Acehnese performing arts as one of Indonesia’s art and culture treasure. Currently SAKA UGM is learning a fer kind of Acehnese Dance such as Rampoe, Tarek Pukat, and Ranup Lampuan. The Group hope to grow to a large community and learn more Acehnese performing arts. We also hope to be a cultural ambassador for UGM and Indonesia especially Aceh to the world.


Münchner Hochschultanzkreis Founded in july 1974 at the Technical University of Munich the members of the group are active students and former students from all all academic disciplines and all universities in Munich. This is the only university dancing group of Germany doing our own Bavarian and German folkdances. The Group travelled a lot through the world where we performed in Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Suisse, Slowenia and the United States of America Group also participate at the German and Austrian Festivals of Folk dance. The costumes the group are wearing are a Munich festival costume, a civil garb, as group did in Munich in the second half of the 18th century for parties of high society. Even the typical Bavarian and Munich's traditional costumes everyday is part of our equipment like Lederhose and Dirndl. This is our usual and everyday clothes in Bavaria. Groups programme represents dances from the different regions in Bavaria: Oberbayern, Niederbayern, Dances from the alpine region and traditional dances like Bandltanz, Mühlradl, Kronentanz, Hammerschmiedgselln and Krüzkönig.


HATA founded 1995 in "Daegu City" (population over three million peoples), and able toper formance Korean traditional music, dancing & fusion percussion performance that goes beyond passing down traditional percussion music and creates unique and contemporized sound through experimenting and creating new genre. HATA is fusion drum & perform players not only inherit traditions as legitimate drum players but also produce new different kind of sound and new fusion music by studying various world drum music genre with continuous experiments. The rhythms that sound like noise of everyday life is amplified into a strong and dazzling beat to capture the audience with the feel of liberation through the sounds of percussion. . HATA perform Traditional Style “ SA MUL NORI”. Samul Nori refers to the performance of four musicians playing and dancing each with a different Korean traditional percussion instrument. The Korean worlds "samul" means" four things", and "nori" means "to play" hence "four things playing." HATA played innumerably not only in Korea but in foreign countries such as Germany, the Middle East, China, Japan, Turkey, USA and created an unforgettable experience in the minds of audience.


DUDAIM TROUP –PARDES HANNA KARCUR The "Dudaim" dance troupe was founded in 1996 since then it has been operated by the center in PARDES HANNA KARCUR The "Dudaim" is a non- profit organization incorporated under the law of the state of Israel. The Troup is one of the several troupes called “DUDAIM". The dancers are in the rang ages 6-60. The special adults group is over 35 years old and there are 25 dancers who rehearse once a week. This group participated already in many festivals and important events in Israel as well as worldwide, like : South Korea, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Austria, China, Italy and Greece. The dancing style including Israeli folklore dances from the ethnic groups who immigrated to Israel since Israel was founded as well as Israeli dances which grow up in Israel.


“ Academy of Mexican Dance and Music Founded in 2012 by Rafael Castaneda, Samuel Barriga , Jose Rochel and Adrian Castaneda and followed by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated performers, The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music is dedicated to the preservation of Mexican culture through Music and Dance. In 2012 The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music took this preservation of Dance and Music abroad to Nepal and Taiwan, Followed by a tour in Europe which included Spain, Portugal and France in the year 2013. Based out of Chicago the Academy of Mexican Dance and Music resides and consistently performs in an area which is densely populated by Mexican immigrants. It is our goal to establish an Institution in which Mexican culture can be preserved, performed and taught trough traditional Mexican Dances and Music to our generations to come.

African Acrobatics Group: Profile

1.      Group Name:                             African Acrobatics Group

2.      Year of Establishment:              1999

3.      City:                                           Accra

4.      Country:                                     Ghana

5.      Specialization:                            African Acrobatics, Limbo Show, Rolling dish                                               pan, Juggling Hat, Fire Eating, Yoga Acrobatics, Africa Dance/drumming.

6.    Activities:                                     Circus parks & Theater performance, workshops, classes, Group demonstrations, festivals etc

7.    International Experience:             China, Spain, Holland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Taiwan, Benin etc.

8.        Awards:                                               Gold Lion Award winners China 2004

                                                                   Presidential Award Honors, Ghana 2005


Everest Nepal Cultural Group Everest Nepal Cultural Group is registered under the Government of Nepal and is working for the development and conservation of cultural heritage of Himalayan country Nepal. ENCG already organized 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th International Folk Festival in the year 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 respectively in various locations in the country. And in the course of adding another milestone in the kind of events, we are proudly hosting 7th International Folk Festival in Feb 26th to March 07th , 2014. ENCG has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchanges with various international communities. It therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the national and international cultural exchange program for the benefit of the people of Nepal and the world. It is our endeavor to keep friendship and that cordial relationship with other cultural group all over the world. It’s culture that could give us entire satisfaction, peace and the concept of cooperation to each other.