8th International Folk Festival, 2016.

NONA ASRI INDONESIA Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is a country of many tribes of ethnic, languages, cultures and different religions. Indonesia has various costumes and home to various styles of music. We would like to introduce our Dance & Music Group from Indonesia called NONA ASRI. We are established in 2010. NONA ASRI INDONESIA is one of group dance and music in Indonesia. We have collaborated and cooperation with several universities, schools, and many art clubs, local art clubs, our nation’s art & cultures lovers and community who interested in preservation of cultural. That why, NonaAsri Indonesia dancers and musicians came from various regions in Indonesia, especially people from the provinces they represent? With the combination of expertness and experiences, NonaAsri Indonesia has often followed a few Festivals both national and international; make this Group get big support and good response from Indonesian Government and Non-Government and cultural institutions abroad. We are also to build cooperation with worldwide country in order to introduce the artistic Indonesian culture. Our vision is to improve and to remain Indonesian culture in dance and music. Our mission to introduce Indonesian culture to international world toward good relationship in cultural exchanges. Nona Asri Indonesia is one of group music and dance traditional of Indonesia, always present dance and music which very spectacular and very interesting you’ve never met. “The dance is poem, in which each movement is a word”

Estonian joint folkdance group “Pääsuke & Viisuveeretajad” Folk Dance Society Pääsuke performs Estonian traditionnel dance, as well as new choreography based on Estonian traditional dances. The group is accustomed to appear in natural environments with authentic folklore, as well as complex author dances on different stages. This is one of the strongest folk dance groups in Estonia in their age and type of groups. They have reached top places in various local compétitions getting the recognition of highest category of dance performance in Estonian author dances. The group has performed at several foreign festivals, performing concerts up to 1.5 hours long. Festivals in Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia and the United States. The group is also special because they have the experience of giving Estonien folk dance workshops and performing folk dance integrating the audience. The group artistic director is a young 26 year old dance teacher and choreographer Rauno Zubko, who also created the majority of the group's repertoire. The group consists of enthusiasts who enjoy their hobby activities, and doing it with great splendor and joy, these are the qualities that mainly stand out for audiences all over. For them It is an honor to represent their country and culture, and they hope to do it again in Nepal. The folk dance group Viisuveeretajad was founded in 1988. We are from Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia. Estonia is a small country situating in Northern Europe. We have 4 seasons – winter, spring, and summer, autumn – and a little over 1 million inhabitants. Currently there are nearly 100 children, youngsters and adults dancing in our group. The leader of the group is Mrs. Merle Lättekivi. We perform both Estonian folklore dances and author created dances. Dancers wear Estonian national costumes. Although our country is small, there are very many different national costumes. Our group has participated in many festivals in Estonian and abroad: in Finland, Sweden, Latvian, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Macedonia, Poland, and Croatia. We are all good friends and love folkdance very much – it is our passion! For you it is just dance, for us – great people, millions of adventures and memories that no one can take from us....

FAB BANGLADESH CULTURAL TROUPE, Bangladesh Cultural Center “FAB Communication" & “Bangladesh Cultural Center “is the oldest, most experienced, trustworthy and dependable international event Management Company. We are also organize different cultural events in different part of the globe with our Indian (West Bengal) subsidiary. No job is too big or too small for us. Our performances depict our patriotic & traditional Bangladeshi as well as Traditional Bengali colorful folk dance of different parts of Bangladesh and West Bengal. These dances are rich in cultural heritage of more than 1000 (one thousand) years old. FAB Communication & “Bangladesh Cultural Center “ always helps and works to develop the Bangladeshi and Bangla culture as well as the tourism sectors of these parts of the world. We have our experienced and highly talented dancers, singers and models of all kinds. We have our own sound and lighting system, editing house, musicians, cameramen and necessary skilled technicians. We can proudly sum us up as a worldwide event management & cultural organizer. We performed in a different type of program & festivals in Bangladesh and other part of the world over the last 20 years. Our many success stories can be easily found in USA. India , Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , France , China , Korea , Japan , Thailand , UAE , Nepal , Maldives , Norway, Germany ,Russia , Spain , Belgium , Canada etc.. FAB Communication & “Bangladesh Cultural Center “ is committed to enabling young generations to discover their inherent potentials and providing supports to flourish. FAB Communication & “Bangladesh Cultural Center “ is also committed to equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to excel in the global arena. Our culture is highlighted with proper values and importance all year round. FAB Communication & “Bangladesh Cultural Center “carries out different cultural activities and organizes various programs nationally and internationally throughout the year. It also promotes & exchanges Bangladeshi and total Bangla traditional & folk cultures all over the world.

Everest Nepal Cultural Group Everest Nepal cultural Group is registered under the government of Nepal and is working for the development and conservation of cultural heritage of Himalayan Country Nepal. ENCG already organized 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th International Folk Festival in the year 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 respectively in various locations in the country. And in the course of adding another milestone in the kind of events, we are proudly hosting 8th International folk Festival in March 2nd to March 11th, 2016. ENCG has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchange with various International communities. It therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the natural and international cultural exchange program for the benefit of the people of Nepal and the world. It is our endeavor to keep friendship and that cordial relationship with other cultural group all over the world. It’s culture that could give us entire satisfaction, peace and the concept of cooperation to each other.

BOBBY NRUTYA ACADEMY BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] is the expression of that ambition to provide the nicest network. The promoters of this institution have invested at least 16 years of their lives to achieve the confidence to speak a few things about our great heritage and to lead the young generation to the world platform with the wealth of that heritage expressed fascinatingly in various forms of performing arts. Among many forms of artistic expression of people’s joy and agony. BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] has concentrated a foot forward, as the first leap in Folk Theater (BHAWAI) and Folk Dances (RAS-GARBA) for which Gujarat is known from centuries to the rest of India and will be known to the rest of the world in future. Practical training of these artistic forms is not the full point of the final goal to the founders/trainers of BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India]. Apart from acquiring the essence of these art forms in to, the participants are expected to master them so excellently, very rightfully, in their true spirit. For this excellence, for this perfection BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] very humbly utilizes the valuable services of the experts of these areas. Without being complacent with the mastery of its own leaders. When the power of media has brought the people of the world so closer, and when everybody is eager to know about the achievements of their counterparts in any hemisphere, the existence of BOBBY DANCE ACADEMY [A Total Performing Arts Gujarat in India] is valid and worth, as it aspires to prove itself. The real expression of our age-old rich heritage and to become the symbol of the self-esteem of GUJARAT

PUNJAB FOLK ART CENTRE Punjab Folk Art Centre is an organization which is joining the people of Punjab with their culture. The main office of the Punjab Folk Art Center is situated in Town Gurdaspur In State of Panjab India. This organization is working in collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Govt. of India & NZCC New Delhi for more than eight Years. It is registered with Govt. of Punjab and Govt. of India. Punjab Folk Art Centre has successfully organized several Cultural Programs. At present, more than 2000 youths are the active members of our organization. Our institution has been training about five hundred artists every year under various cultural trainings seminars and workshops conducted with thehelp of Department of Culture Govt of India. Now a Days this centre has started awell planned program for the conservation and promotion of Rich PunjabiCulture. This program is entitled as Cultural Enlightens Program. This centre hasbeen organizing various Cultural Awareness Camp at Gross Route Level undercultural enlightenment program. This centre has been organizing CulturalProgram at various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, State andNational Levels Festivals and Games. This centre is appreciated several timesby Govt. of Punjab and Nehru Yuva Sangathan Govt. of India. The Artist ofPunjab Folk Art Centre have participated in various State and National LevelCultural Programs and Festivals held at different places of country likeBikaneerJaipur Chamba Manali Delhi Mumbai, Banglore Goa etc. Punjab FolkArt Centre has represented India for the following International Folk loreFestivals. Year 2007 3rd Sabah International Folklore Festival Malaysia, Year2008 4th International Folklore Festival Nepal, Year 2009 4th Sabah InternationalFolklore Festival Malaysia, Year 2010 5th International Folk Festival Nepal.

THE MEXICANS FOLK BALLET The Mexicans Folk Ballet created in January 2012 under de artistic direction of Jorge Zarate Tristan, is a Dance Company established in Toronto and created with the main objective of sharing and spreading the cultural roots of Mexico presenting shows based on the dynamism, aesthetics and polychrome of the Mexican folklore, in order to promote the love of the Mexican traditions and customs through the combination of dance and music supported by the great cultural heritage of Mexico. They have been collaborating in various festivals and organizations for culture and diversity of Toronto like CNE, Harbourfront Centre, Chin Picnic International Folk Competition, Global Fest, just to name a few. In June 2014 they presented their own production named “Mexico, History and Dance” at the MacMillan Theatre, Faculty of Music of University of Toronto, it was a production with a full house and got a nomination for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Vision Awards 2014 in Arts and Culture category. Despite The Mexicans Folk Ballet short time, their Artistic Director Jorge Zarate Tristan has steered the group to gain recognition from the artistic community of Toronto. The Mexicans Folk Ballet was awarded the second place in the 2012 International Folk Dance Competition at the Chin Picnic Festival, in 2014 they participate in the Festival of Cultures in Guiyang, China, in August 2015 the participate in the XVI Festival of Traditional Music and Dance of Valencia, Spain.